Housed in the old primary school of Foz de Arouce, Momo-Circus Museum was designed to be a multi-function, inclusive and vitalising space.

It is meant to be a place for preservation of memory, yet eminently focused on the present and future; a place to be visited, yet essentially turned to experiences. A living project that promotes dissemination of the arts.

Guided visits led by professionals in the area, workshops in diverse artistic techniques, study groups of different subjects, art residencies, exhibitions of circus and other arts, the opportunity of enjoying various kinds of shows – these are some of the activities foreseen for a space intended to be dynamic, alive, in which social interaction and inclusion will be fostered, along with education through the arts.

Resulting from a protocol signed with the Lousã Town Council, and run by the Marimbondo Cultural Association, the Museum was inaugurated on February 28th, 2019.